Northwest Arkansas Shredding and Document Destruction

You Need To Cut Your Risks

shreddingAccording to financial services consulting firm Javelin Strategies and Research, identity theft affects 11 million people a year, at a cost of $54 billion. If you don’t want to become a statistic, your need a reliable way to dispose of your sensitive information.

Shredding documents isn’t just for accounting firms and people with something to hide — every large to small company have documents containing potentially compromising information, from Social Security numbers to bank account information. To ensure you’re protected, you need to shred your sensitive and compromising documents.

Shredding To Meet Your Needs!

Ironwood Shredding Company has a secure, document shredding solution to meet your needs!

We offer:

  • Regularly Scheduled Service
  • On Call Service
  • One Time File Clean Out and Purge
  • Onsite or Offsite Document Destruction
  • No Job Too Big or Too Small
  • Customized Document Shredding Solutions

I’ll Do It Myself

It’s common to think it’s no big deal to eliminate documents yourself.. but there is more at risk than you think. Find out why your sensitive and confidential information needs special handling to avoid fines, lawsuits, reputation damage and lost business.

I Can Do It Myself

Relying on employees to use a personal shredder or using a regular wast disposal service won’t ensure sensitive information is safely destroyed. But did you realize this can be more expensive than you think? We offer both onsite and offsite document destruction, and will work with to formulate a plan for your needs.

Only a Phone Call Away

Give us a call to get up and running quickly with a customized solution that meets your shredding needs!